Since I learned to read, and found out about bookstores, there’s not been a day in my life that I haven’t read a book. And haunted a library or a bookstore, either!

Speaking of lives, I’ve lived an amazing life. Years of living and working in several developing countries–Mexico, Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti, Morocco, and Burkina Faso—and months of traveling in Europe, all grabbed me like a sculptor digging into a vat of raw clay, malleable in the artist’s warm, gentle hands, turning me into a citizen of the world.

My background includes more than traveling and living in many countries; a few years ago, I joined the National Book Critics Circle. As a critic and freelance writer, I make full use of my educational background, including degrees in Latin American Studies, History, Human Nutrition and Foods, and Library and Information Science.

THE BOOK OMNIVORE began as a “homeplace” for my book reviews.


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